Members of Inclusion International have always been catalysts for change. Inclusion International is harnessing our energy as catalysts and supporting our members to make progress on inclusive education.

Mobilizing global technical expertise and information, Catalyst builds on larger education reform efforts and delivers knowledge for inclusion into the hands of those who are leading change at the school, community, and country level.


At the World Congress the team from Catalyst for Inclusive Education will be leading the following sessions:


Inclusive Education in the Classroom: Teacher Training Part 1 & 2 

Despite a clarification of the right to inclusive education from the United Nations Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, families, educators and government officials are often uncertain of what inclusive education is and how to transform systems which segregate or exclude students who have an intellectual disability. Global expert Gordon Porter and his network of associates have collaborated with Inclusion International’s Catalyst for Inclusive Education to produce a package of training materials designed to assist families and educators. This session will introduce the training package and prepare participants to use it in their home communities. The training package will be made available to all participants.

Digging for Data – Mapping Education for Advocacy

Efforts to advance inclusive education globally is a dual-advocacy role: we have to solve the barriers of today within existing systems and resources, and, we must transform systems and increase resource allocation for the children of tomorrow. In order to be effective in our efforts advocates must first understand regional and national realities, including key education data and indicators to look for. Inclusion International’s Catalyst for Inclusive Education team has produced data collection and scoping tools to assist advocates in understanding country level education for their advocacy efforts. Participants will learn why mapping education for advocacy is a necessary first step in education reform and be equipped with tools to do so.

Inclusive Education Policy: Benchmarks for Progressive Legislation

Our global movement understands that if a policy or program does not explicitly seek to prevent discrimination and promote inclusion, there will be groups left behind. However, advocates – and government officials – struggle with the question: What does a good legal frame for inclusive education look like? Using the guidance of the UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities’ General Comment no.4 (Inclusive Education), Expert Advisors for Inclusion International’s Catalyst for Inclusive Education will highlight the principles of what must be included in a good legislative framework for inclusive education; key policy and political issues to tackle to realize inclusive education reform; and, different approaches to catalyse political will and change. Participants will be equipped with a checklist for education policy and strategies for implementation.


Inclusive Education Means ME

Be inspired by self-advocates, siblings, and families from around the world on their experience accessing education in their neighbourhood schools: the challenges, the successes, and what we can do together to make inclusive education a reality for all.



Catalyst for Inclusive Education Showcase: Country Case Studies

Inclusion International’s Catalyst for Inclusive Education is equipping members with initiatives that build on larger education reform efforts at the country level. Learn about Catalyst’s efforts to advance inclusive education in Nepal, Peru, Paraguay, and Colombia, including highlights from legislation reviews, scoping missions, learning exchanges, and training for decision makers in education policy. Members of the Catalyst for Inclusive Education global network will share with participants lessons learned from the first year of Catalyst and lead a discussion on how we can work to mobilize our global movement to support a common voice for inclusive education reform.