Recently the self-advocate leaders at Inclusion International, announced the Global Self-Advocacy Summit which will take place on 31st May as part of the Inclusion International World Congress.

We know, from listening to self-advocates in every part of the world, that there are some Big Issues for self-advocates across the world which mean people are still excluded from our communities and being prevented from living the lives they want.

This must change. No more excuses.

At the Global Self-Advocacy Summit which will take place on 31st May we will be launching our Calls to Action on these Big Issues.

The Calls to Action will be our messages to the world about what is important in our lives. We will demand action to create a future where we can be included in our communities, make our own decisions, and have real jobs with fair pay.

We need the help of self-advocates from across the world to create the Calls to Action.

Step 1

Tell us in this survey about the big issues in your life and the things that are stopping you from being included.

Step 2

Tell us your ideas and experiences!

Tell us –

  • Your experiences of being included
  • Your experiences of being excluded
  • What you think should change to make inclusion happen around the world.
  • What we should tell governments, decision makers and organizations

You can tell us in lots of ways –

Send us your stories, your videos, and your pictures.

We will use what you tell us to create the Calls to Action and tell the world at the Global Self-Advocacy Summit.

If you want to be a part of the summit in person, please register here.