We are thrilled to announce our first keynote speaker for Inclusion International’s World Congress: Learn, Inspire, Lead.

Mr Robert Martin is the first person with an intellectual disability to be a member of the UN Committee on the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. As a long-standing leader in the inclusion movement with first-hand experience and a long-time friend of Inclusion International, Robert will share his personal story as well as thoughts about what is needed to build an inclusive world for people with intellectual disabilities and their families. We are honoured and delighted that Robert Martin will join us at the World Congress


The World Congress will bring together the largest global gathering of self-advocates. The Empower Us Self-Advocacy Summit, led by self-advocates, will set-out their vision for an inclusive world. All self-advocates are invited and encouraged to take part in this historic gathering. Have a chance to meet self-advocates from around the world and share ideas about the future we want.

The Congress programme will profile promising practices, inspiring stories, and practical “how-to” focused workshops from around the world. Highlights from some of the sessions that will be taking place include:

  • A Home of My Own: From Policy to Practice – Exploring models that effectively support people with intellectual disabilities to have meaningful choice about where and with whom they live.
  • Transitions to Employment – How organisations can open up the labour market to become more inclusive, and transition from sheltered-workshops and sub-minimum wage to meaningful employment.
  • Inclusive Education in the Classroom – The Catalyst for Inclusive Education team offer a two-part teacher training to assist families and educators.
  • Empower Us: What is good support? – A how-to session lead by the Empower Us team exploring best support practices, the impact of poor and good support and how supporters can be recruited and trained by self-advocates.
  • Family Voices for Inclusion – Practical strategies to support local organisations to get information, tools, and inspiration into the hands of those who can use it best -families.
  • Inclusive Development Not Inclusion in Development – Development agencies and our members will share experiences in transitioning to inclusive approaches that help build a better world for all.